What is Yoga Therapy?

These ancient practices give us practical tools to relax and access better health.
Practicing yoga
• can help manage stress by calming the mind
• has been shown to enhance immune functioning

Research has shown that yoga and mind-body practices
• enhance our sense of well-being
• improve our ability to cope more effectively with stress

Practices may include
· breathing
· movement
· meditation
· relaxation
· imagery to meet a client's goals and needs

If you are dealing with injury, illness, or chronic pain, consider incorporating yoga into your healing plan.
Techniques and practices for individuals facing health challenges
· increase vitality
· improve attitude
·reduce symptoms
· help manage their condition

Working together, client and practitioner develop an intelligent, unique home practice adapted to the needs of each person - taking into consideration their age, overall health, emotional state, and personality.
This healing partnership enhances greater awareness, strength and stability in moving toward rehabilitation, recovery and optimal health.

Debra Mulnick RN

As an RN, my medical background enables me to integrate therapeutic applications of yoga in conjunction with conventional medical care.
With years of experience working in the Operating Room, I am able to safely design yoga programs which help people prepare for surgery, as well as speed their post-operative recovery.

Interested? Call Debra to discuss the possibilities. 208-860-9873

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