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Developed in the 1970’s by Juliu Horvarth as the core of his methodology, these exercises incorporate elements of dance, tai chi, yoga and gymnastics. The only equipment needed is a chair and a mat. Gentle rhythmic movement with corresponding breath patterns stimulates the senses, joints and muscles. These repetitious undulations are built upon to release congestion, awaken and condition the nervous and cardio-vascular system, and re-educate the body. Establishing wholeness and strength. Accessible to all bodies and physical conditions after a session, feel invigorated and alive.

The equipment version is called GYROTONIC®. Range In Motion  client on Gyrotonic Tower
Apply the principles of GYROKINESIS® principles and adding smooth resistance from beautiful and interesting equipment. Moving in circular and spiraling patterns without the restrictions of gravity or jarring to increase range of motion, awakening a natural wholeness and strength.

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