MindBody Skills Group
8 Week Course
April 10th through May 22nd, 6:30-8:30pm
with Debra Mulnick RN

TUESDAY EVENINGS at Range In Motion Studio
750 Warm Springs, behind the Children’s Home

In a MindBody Skills group you will learn evidence-based techniques and practices
which can help you cope with stress, life transitions, as well as health concerns or chronic
illness. Research indicates that using multiple strategies may be more effective than learning and
practicing just one skill or technique. MindBody Skills can also enhance the effectiveness of
conventional therapies.

What are MindBody Skills?
• Self-Awareness and Self-Care techniques
• Meditation and Guided Imagery
• Shaking and Dancing
• Breathing and Movement
• Autogenic Training and Biofeedback
• Mindful Eating
• Creative Writing and Drawing Exercises

What are the Benefits of learning MindBody Skills?
• Effective techniques for dealing with stress, pain & chronic illness
• Improved mood and enhanced sense of well-being
• Decrease in depression and anxiety
• Better ability to manage symptoms of illness
• Greater self awareness and improved ability to adapt and relax

Participants have a desire to use their own natural ability to reduce stress and maintain health.
You will learn a wide range of skills, and have the opportunity to practice them in a supportive
and confidential group setting. Group size will be limited to 9 or 10 participants.

Cost: $180.00 before April 1st, $220.00 after. Sliding scale fee is also available – please
inquire. After start of the course, there will be no make-ups or refunds.

Debra Mulnick RN is a holistic nurse and yoga therapist. She is a MindBody Instructor at MSTI/St.
Luke’s Regional Medical Center in Boise. She has been exploring Yoga and complementary medicine for
over 20 years. Debra is certified as a MindBody Practitioner through the Center for MindBody Medicine
in Washington DC.
For more information or to register, email dmulnick@cableone.net or call #208-860-9873.

Range In Motion Studio
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