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Elizabeth, Range In Motion Instructor
   Elizabeth Clarke 

Elizabeth is a Level 1 Certified Gyrokinesis® and Level 1 Certified Gyrotonic® instructor. She holds certificates to teach Pilates Mat, Pilates Reformer and Pilates Trapeze apparatus. She recently attended training sessions in Austriaand is now a Gyrokinesis® pre-trainer. As a teacher and student of Yoga, Elizabeth incorporates Yoga philosophy and physical Asana postures into her sessions. She believes in caring for the whole person and exploring personal awareness while having fun.

Elizabeth discovered the benefits of Pilates and Gyrotonic for her back pain. This work lifted her spirits by renewing her ability to enjoy yoga, sports and everyday activities again.

Elizabeth and Range In Motion Studio have made Boise, Idaho home for three years. While previously living in San Luis Obispo, California, Elizabeth was on the instructor staff at Infinite Dynamics, an educational training studio where she worked and trained with Master Trainer Christine Wilson, RN.
In August 2008 Elizabeth trveled to Ausria to train with Juliu Horvat, the creator of the Gyrotonic® system.
She also studied with Karen Shanley, now of Central Coast Pilates & Gyrotonic®.
Elizabeth has been practicing yoga for over 12 years. Her teachers, Margaret Hahn and Lorie Nielson support a community that studies the ancient yoga sutras inclusive of philosophy, history, discipline, postures, meditations and Lila -laughter.
All sessions with Elizabeth include a good dose of her yoga training.

Elizabeth's roots are in Salt Lake City, Utah. There she learned modern dance with the Children’s Dance Theater. She developed a love of skiing and a passion for the outdoors that led her to being a wilderness EMT, backcountry guide and cross country ski instructor. Her previous occupations in the film industry, modeling and acting has taken her from LA to the East Coast and back to the West again, where she was a wedding planner prior to finding passion in movement therapy.
She is happy to be on mountain turf again with her husband Martin and cat Anza.
She came to this work through injury and debilitating pain and teaches methods that have worked to keep her feeling good and hopes to lend you a hand with the same.

Client comments

You have a caring, gentle approach and a unique ability to help me visual the movements, the muscles used, and the benefits of the exercises.
Brian McKinley

Love your energy and your knowledge. So very informed and you share it all.
Dee Eckert

This has been a wonderful class and you are a wonderful teacher.
Virginia Umphry

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